Common Trademark Indonesia Registration Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

Common Trademark Indonesia Registration Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

Here are five common trademark indonesia registration mistakes that you need to avoid for your business. Starting a business in Indonesia is not as easy as you think. You need to have a good method to promote your business idea branding your company name to success the project.

Common Trademark Indonesia Registration Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

That’s why registering a product’s label is important to increase your business value. Although registering it sounds simple, but it can be tricky enough for your business.

Trademark Registration Mistakes for Business Owners in Indonesia

1. Late to Make Decision in Registering the Product and Services

One way to prevent your brand stolen by another competitor is by registering a trademark. It is important to do if you want to have originality for your product or service.

However, many Indonesian businessmen late to registry their brand. With this in mind, you need to ensure the right timing to get acknowledgment from the law. As in Indonesia, label registration uses the first come first serve method which means the first applicant will get the license.

2. Using Similar Mark or Brand like Another Competitor

There are several requirements that you must do before applying for trademark registration. One of the requirements is passing a substantive examination phase to determine whether there are similarities from other brands.

If there are similarities, your application for trademark registration will be rejected from the Directorate General Indonesia. Thus, it is important to analyze and trace the brand to avoid rejection beforehand.

3. Ignoring the Requirements Letters from the Director-General Regarding the application

During the process of applying for a label registration, many stages must be passed. From the formal examination, substantive examination, and announcement document. Each step allows you to receive a letter from the Director-General that you should respond immediately.

That’s why you need to follow up on this process to make certain your registration is in the right way.

But if you keep ignoring the letters, you will get disadvantages. For example, you get a letter of refusal of an application for label registration from the Directorate General, you will get an objection letter stating the exact reasons. Then, it should be submitted within the specified time in 30 days. Late or delays of your label submission can lead to rejection of your application for registration of product label.

4. Inaccurate and Incomplete Detail Types of Goods or Services That You Apply

Label protection is given to the types of goods or services that are registered. Make sure you have detail information from every type of product or service that will apply in trademark Indonesia registration.

For example, if you produce kinds of stuff with specific products such as clothes, pants, hats, belts, shoes, bags, wallets, watches, jewelry, necklaces, rings, pendants, you need to classify it based on the requirement.

All in all, there is four common mistakes of trademark registration that Indonesian businessman should avoid. From late registration, ignoring a letter from the Directorate General until incomplete detail of application that will make your registration rejected. Another fault you should sidestep is using a similar brand name like other competitors. Thus, it is important to analyze and trace the brand first to avoid rejection.

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