Most Popular Trademark in Indonesia

Most Popular Trademark in Indonesia

Indonesian trademark or trademark is a primary identity. Not only as a differentiator, but also has a much greater value that brings big profits. Therefore, its ownership is considered an asset because it has a selling value even just by using the name.

Most Popular Trademark in Indonesia

Not only in the world, Indonesia also has a variety of trademarks that are very popular throughout the world. Its superior products are considered to make a major contribution to the company and sales.

List of popular trademark in Indonesia

For you, the list of trademark in indonesia below is clearly well known. However, you may not know if the product is native to Indonesia. Here is the list:


Online shopping fans are definitely no stranger to Tokopedia. It is one of the most famous e-commerce in Indonesia with millions of users. Various services and ease of shopping can help users in answering their online shopping needs. Known as the green icon, Tokopedia is actually an original product from Indonesia.

Not only for residents of the capital city of course, but also to remote areas. Various brand ambassadors were appointed, as well as introducing Tokopedia to the international scene. On the other hand, Tokopedia's advertisements on Youtube and other social media also contributed to its development.

Sosro Bottle Tea

"Whatever you eat, drink Teh Botol Sosro" is a jargon that has stuck to this day. Not surprisingly, Teh Botol Sosro is one of the most popular packaged beverage products. Over time, this product has also made several changes, such as from box packaging.

Not only in Indonesia, Teh Botol Sosro has expanded by marketing their products in many Asian countries, America and Europe. Authentic Indonesian tea makes it has many fans who continue to survive until now.


Indonesia Mie or Indomie, who doesn't know him. This instant food is a favorite of all people, not only in Indonesia but also globally. In fact, making it one of the most popular instant noodles in the world. Even at low prices, these instant noodles always offer delicious flavor variants, even in original flavors that are always liked by many people.

Indomie itself was pioneered by Indonesians through Indofood which continues to grow until now. The concoction of various flavors of spices is the main attraction, so that Indomie continues to dominate packaged noodles until now.


Next, there is a special jeans clothing manufacturer, who would have thought, if Indonesia has a popular jeans product that is quite global, namely LEA. This trademark offers affordable prices in Indonesia but with no less good quality. The design and quality have imported standards, where many countries have become producers.


Returning to the food industry, most of you must be familiar with J.CO donuts. The delicious variety of premium donuts makes it a favorite of many and even rivals various foreign outlets. J.CO itself was introduced by native Indonesians who have now penetrated many countries.

Not just ordinary donuts, J.CO always innovates in terms of taste so that it makes it more popular among fans. Now, J.CO is known as the most popular donut producer in Indonesia as well as a coffee shop that offers a variety of light snacks.

That's the most popular Indonesian trademark to date. The brand name not only shows the name but also the quality so that it becomes an important asset for the company. 

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