Know About Indonesia Furniture Rattan

Know About Indonesia Furniture Rattan

Rattan is a non-timber forest product with high economic value. Rattan is one of the great natural resources that exist in Indonesia. Several regions in Indonesia that have great potential as suppliers of rattan raw materials are the islands of Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua with approximately 622 thousand tons/year.

Know About Indonesia Furniture Rattan

The majority of rattan in Indonesia is included in the furniture or furniture industry. The growth of rattan industry has growth by 0.79 percent per year, reaching 372,761 tons in 2006. This figure is only half of the potential raw materials that Indonesia can produce per year.

Indonesia Furniture Ratan

Along with the times and the existence of designers, many Indonesian designers and furniture companies have started to engage in the production of rattan with the concept of design, aesthetics, and uniqueness. 

But behind it all, production to achieve the quality and target of the intended product is not cheap. Therefore, the prices of rattan furniture products with high quality, unique designs, ergonomics, and many other aspects are high enough to be reached by local users.

The price of one chair which is relatively high or in the millions means that not all local people can use and enjoy local furniture that they are proud of. Aesthetics can only be enjoyed by the upper class seen from the price and the need for seats that can be met by the middle class. Here are the best furniture builders at us, the following recommendations for Indonesia Furniture Ratan :

Know About Indonesia Furniture Rattan

Nearest Furniture Maker in Us

Find the nearest furniture manufacturer at Us. A quality city must also consider many aspects. One of them is their track record, looking at several types of furniture that have been made or worked on before.

Whether some of them are to your liking or not, also consider the choice of material, because it affects the quality of the model to be made, the size and model must also be considered. But the most important thing is to look for a furniture builder who in terms of the workmanship is neat so that you are not disappointed.

Cheap Furniture Maker at Us

The budget is limited but wants to buy new furniture, don't worry because it's still very possible you get it. One of them is by looking for cheap furniture services or builders at us, you can first compare one offer to another.

Expanding these references is indeed very important so that later there will be more consideration for you to find the best. Keep in mind that the type of furniture you want has a huge impact on the price quote, so this is also worth considering.

Our Best Furniture

Furniture craftsmen at us are experienced. There are many types of furniture that he can make, good workmanship following consumer expectations, also balanced with positive reviews from people who have used these services.

Speaking of furniture, this one is indeed widely used by the public, whether it's a house with a simple concept to a luxurious one. Maybe the difference is only in terms of appearance or furniture model. The materials used also affect the quality of the furniture, so don't underestimate it, choose really good materials, but still comfortable to sit on.


A comfortable house is not just a large and beautiful building, but must be supported by infrastructure, including the furniture in it. Currently, wooden furniture is still in great demand by the public, because it is easy to shape with an aesthetic result. Plus, wood is also more comfortable and easy to combine with other materials. The type of wood that is widely used in general is teak which does have good quality and is durable.

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