General Facts about Indonesia Trademark Registration and the Advantages

General Facts about Indonesia Trademark Registration and the Advantages

If you are thinking about registering your trademark, then knowing the basic facts about Indonesia trademark registration can be helpful. If you don’t want to violate the Indonesian law, then it’s best to learn the proper way to do it right, for the sake of your business. 

General Facts about Indonesia Trademark Registration and the Advantages

Understanding Facts about Indonesia Trademark Registration

When you hear the word trademark, it refers to things that can separate a legal entity, a firm, or a person distinctly. A trademark would differentiate the entity from one another, especially through colors, words, designs, graphics, symbols, and such things alike. Through trademark registration, the (business) owner rights can be protected. The owner can also file legal action if illegal action happens. It usually happens when there is an unauthorized usage of the trademark. 

It’s safe to say that the trademark would serve as the legal distinction (and also protection) of a product or a brand. The business owner needs for apply for the trademark if they want their business to stay legit and to stay within the corridor of the law. The business owners will have to apply to the Directorate General of Intellectual Property. The process may take a while. But when they approve the application, they would put it in the so-called Indonesia trademark database. That’s why the IP (Intellectual Property) would consider the trademark as a company asset. The IP would cover and protect it through the legal system. 

The Advantages of Having Trademark Registration

It is highly crucial, especially for business, to patent the services and goods with the trademark. As it was mentioned before, trademark is considered a company’s asset so it is quite valuable. After all, the number of piracy incidence in Indonesia is quite high, so it would be logical to take protective steps. Be smart about your business preparation and precaution. 

Naturally, there are several benefits when you register your business trademark in Indonesia.

  • The business can enjoy exclusive protection of services and goods against other parties’ infringement claims. You won’t have to worry about legality and regulation if you have registered your trademark. 
  • You can secure a ‘safe’ position when there is a legal battle. As the owner of the trademark, you will be able to gain legal reinforcement right away
  • According to Trademark Act no.15 of 2001, a legal entity or a person first filing the (trademark) application would get the major priority to use it
  • Businesses need to have a reputable and solid trademark. It would add value to the services or products. The businesses themselves can use the trademark to attract prospects, and bring them closer to the brand. 
  • Trademark registration gives your business a sense of exclusivity. Because it’s considered a registered sign, you get exclusive protection. It also means that other legal organization or person isn’t allowed to infringe or imitate your logo or symbol or jargon – or anything related to your business. 
  • Your business can get access to unified brand recognition. It’s because Indonesia has taken part in Madrid System, which means that a validated trademark would apply in all member countries. The Madrid System also means cost effective process, time saving procedure, and simplified filing steps.

All in all, registering your business trademark would be a smart way; at least from legality point of view. After knowing the facts about Indonesia trademark registration, you can be prepared.

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