Why and How to Register a Trademark in Indonesia through Its Steps

Why and How to Register a Trademark in Indonesia through Its Steps

Businesses in Indonesia, regardless the location, should know how to register a trademark in Indonesia https://patendo.com/how-to-register-trademark-in-indonesia/. The process may not be extremely difficult, but it’s not overly easy either.

Why and How to Register a Trademark in Indonesia through Its Steps

Before you can register the trademark, you will have to perform a comprehensive (trademark) search in the intellectual property database of the country. In order to do so, they will likely need a professional guidance and assistance from the expert. 

How to Register a Trademark in Indonesia: Why Doing It?

If you want your business to have a secure reputation (and also profitability), then registering a trademark would be an imperative step. Trademarks are important to protect the IP (Intellectual Property) legally, connected to the business. Through trademark registration, you can get exclusive rights for the business, including the branding, symbols, and also logos. 

You don’t want to miss out the promising business opportunities investing (and doing business) in the world’s fifth fastest growing economy. It’s expected that Indonesia will grow to be the world’s fourth biggest economy before 2050, thanks to the country’s consistent success and economic growth.  

Steps to Register the Trademark

In general, there are 3 main steps to register the trademark in the country. 

1. Find (and Get) Professional Assistance

Citizens can always get professional guidance. However, foreign investors will have to engage the Intellectual Property Right Consultant before they can register a trademark. The applicant must sign POA (Power of Attorney) as well as Declaration of Entitlement that gives right to the responsible consult to perform or act on their clients’ behalf. That consultant would be your representative. They won’t only help you conduct a trademark search in the country, but they will also help you submit your own trademark application form. 

2. Perform a Trademark Search

Applicants must be sure that the intended (and the proposed) trademark is somewhat in a complete compliance with Indonesian Trademark Act. This action should be performed before the registration. It’s crucial that applicants must perform a thorough search for two most obvious reasons :

  • To prevent (and avoid) any moral issue or conflict that may affect the intended proposed trademark
  • To make sure that there are no other (legal) entities that have registered the same trademark. It would be considered violating the law. 

For those wanting to perform a trademark search, they can always consult WIPO Indonesia Trademark Database that is open, available, and accessible for the applicants and also their legal representatives. This is the source for performing the search. 

3. Trademark Registration

This would be the last (and the final) step. The applicants can register their trademark through Directorate General of Intellectual Property. This is where your legal representative can come in handy. 

Final Words

In general, it takes at least 12 months to register a trademark, but the process can go further to 24 months. You also need to prepare the budgets because there would be costs for the registration. The registration fee depends on various factors, like the size of the business. For the legal representative cost, it also depends on the firm that you are working with. Now that you know how to register a trademark in Indonesia, you can start making plans.

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