WIPO Indonesia Trademark Database: What You Should Know about It

WIPO Indonesia Trademark Database: What You Should Know about It

Has anyone ever heard about WIPO Indonesia trademark database https://patendo.com/wipo-indonesia-trademark-database/? The term may be unusual, unfamiliar, or even alien for those who have never dealt with trademark registration or management.

WIPO Indonesia Trademark Database

However, this is basically the database that keeps the collections of validated and approved registered trademark in Indonesia. In the event you need to perform a thorough search of the registered trademark, this is the database you want to access. 

WIPO Indonesia Trademark Database: What Is WIPO?

WIPO is short for World Intellectual Property Organization, a part of United Nations specialized agency that is situated in Geneva, Switzerland. Its main mission is to lead and initiate the development of an effective and balanced international IP (Intellectual Property) system that would be responsible for enabling creativity and also innovation for everyone’s benefits. 

WIPO was set up in 1967 by WIPO Convention. The organization has 193 members now. They also provide a policy forum on global scale where civil society, industry groups, intergovernmental organizations, and government can get together to identity, address, and solve the current (evolving) IP problems. Member observers and states will have a regular meeting in various working groups and standing committees. 

The members typically would negotiate the needed new rules and changes to make sure that the international IP system stays in pace with the constantly changing world. The organization also makes sure that they continuously serve their basic purpose to encourage creativity and innovation. 

Legal Framework within WIPO

The following are only some of the official and legal framework working under WIPO

  • Locarno Agreement is about creating International Classification. It’s called Locarno Classification for Industrial Designs
  • PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) which is under Paris Convention to help applicants who look for international patent protection for their creation and invention. It also helps with patent offices and their decisions in granting patent as well as facilitating the public to access information about technical info related to the inventions. 
  • Madrid Protocol. It’s about Madrid System that is designed for International Registration of Marks. It’s about protecting the trademark in many countries through international registration.  It would affect the contracting parties. 

Since December 1950, Indonesia has become one of the Contracting Party for Paris Convention, especially for Protection of Industrial Property. Since 1997, the country has also been included in the PCT. Indonesia has also become a part of ASEN PAtentscope, which function as the regional (IP) info platform. Those who are looking for legal info about Indonesian regulations and intellectual laws related to property can always access WIPO Lex. 

Indonesia has online register with Indonesian interface. Through this register, you can get information about legal status and also fee payment. You can also perform a search by providing priority data, inventor or applicant name, and PCT publication number. 

Final Words

Accessing the database is relatively easy. It’s open and available for the public. Simply provide the name of the product (if you don’t know the PCT number) and you are good to go. In general, you would be given a list of the already registered products related to the name that you have given. This WIPO Indonesia trademark database is functional when people are performing a search before they register their business trademark, avoiding the possibility of mistakes and infringement. 

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